Fiber, Microbes, and the Gut Clock

Fiber. My favorite F-word. Plant foods contain fiber, and are the only source of fiber in the diet. Among its many benefits to us, like increasing feelings of satiety after eating, improving bowel regularity, and aiding in blood sugar control, fiber is THE food for the helpful microbes in our digestive system. Our digestive systemContinue reading “Fiber, Microbes, and the Gut Clock”

Easy Recipe Alert: Farro Salad

Have you tried farro yet? Farro is fiber-rich complex carbohydrate — a whole grain with noteworthy mineral content (in particular, minerals magnesium, iron, zinc, each critical to emotional balance and strengthening the body’s anti-stress response), as well as a lovely dose of mood and energy-boosting B-vitamins. Nutrition facts aside, farro makes a delicious, satisfying centerContinue reading “Easy Recipe Alert: Farro Salad”

Body Clock Researchers Win Nobel Prize

“The field had long been speculating on this Nobel Prize. This is great recognition for the field of circadian rhythms that are intimately linked to our health and disease, including diabetes, obesity, cancer and cardiovascular disease.” — Dr. Frank A.J.L. Scheer, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and director of the Medical Chronobiology ProgramContinue reading “Body Clock Researchers Win Nobel Prize”

Working out & depression risk

A new study suggests that just one hour per week of exercise, regardless of intensity, can significantly reduce depression and anxiety. Study authors, who looked at data on close to 34,000 individuals living in Norway (an important point, since their climate and quality/quantity of sunlight may be close to ours in New York and theContinue reading “Working out & depression risk”

Boosting Autumn Energy and Mood, 3 Ways

The change of seasons in New England is more than just a temperature shift. The days grow shorter, and with that, our body clock adjusts. We may find our sleep to be more restless or fitful, our skin drier than usual, and our bowel movements may become irregular. Our energy may be increased, even leadingContinue reading “Boosting Autumn Energy and Mood, 3 Ways”