Fiber, Microbes, and the Gut Clock

Fiber. My favorite F-word. Plant foods contain fiber, and are the only source of fiber in the diet. Among its many benefits to us, like increasing feelings of satiety after eating, improving bowel regularity, and aiding in blood sugar control, fiber is THE food for the helpful microbes in our digestive system. Our digestive systemContinue reading “Fiber, Microbes, and the Gut Clock”

How Fiber Alters Gut Immunity

Symbiosis: the interaction between two different organisms living in close, physical association and to the advantage of both. A healthy gut, in a person enjoying a balanced diet, is full of friendly bacteria living with its human in symbiosis. These bacteria live in one area — the large intestines — and take up camp closeContinue reading “How Fiber Alters Gut Immunity”

DGL: Licorice with a Purpose

DGL, or deglycyrrhizinated licorice, is a supplement that puts in work. While licorice is used as a sweetener, it is also a traditional remedy for issues affecting the gut, respiration, energy level, and hormonal imbalance. In its pure form, licorice can cause unwanted drug-nutrient interactions, and effect kidney function to the extent of causing water retention (known asContinue reading “DGL: Licorice with a Purpose”