Boosting Autumn Energy and Mood, 3 Ways

The change of seasons in New England is more than just a temperature shift. The days grow shorter, and with that, our body clock adjusts. We may find our sleep to be more restless or fitful, our skin drier than usual, and our bowel movements may become irregular. Our energy may be increased, even leadingContinue reading “Boosting Autumn Energy and Mood, 3 Ways”

DGL: Licorice with a Purpose

DGL, or deglycyrrhizinated licorice, is a supplement that puts in work. While licorice is used as a sweetener, it is also a traditional remedy for issues affecting the gut, respiration, energy level, and hormonal imbalance. In its pure form, licorice can cause unwanted drug-nutrient interactions, and effect kidney function to the extent of causing water retention (known asContinue reading “DGL: Licorice with a Purpose”