Areas of Specialty

Weight Management

Get a personalized weight management plan based on your health and goals. Your experience in your body, in your life, is central to the approaches taken. Address your weight concerns in positive therapeutic space free of bias. Rather than overemphasize the scale, we will address your needs for nourishment and better health.

A lot of nutrition information out there is confusing, and makes healthy eating seem strange or expensive. Your personalized plan will give you a bridge, with all the steps laid out.

Weight may affect your fertility and during or after pregnancy nutrition needs. Working with a nutritionist can help you reset your hormones, boost metabolic flexibility, and find weight balance.

Nutrition counseling for weight management will focus on your goals. The approach is gentle and encouraging.

What to Expect:

– Setting realistic weight and nutrition goals
– A gentle and encouraging approach

  • Metabolic/ Bariatric surgery before- and after-surgery evaluations and guidance
  • Weight management for fertility
  • Achieving healthy weight gain during pregnancy
  • Post-pregnancy weight concerns
  • Lifestyle while on medications for cycle regulation, mood, and pain management
  • Food-related trauma and adverse childhood experiences

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Learn how food, nutrition, and lifestyle can play a role in preventing and managing disease. Get clear information, resources, and the tools needed to improve your health.

In order to do a complete assessment, it is typical to review most recent labs and allow for communication between your nutritionist and other primary medical providers.

What to Expect:

– Review of labs and medical reports
– Education and guidance based on the latest science

  • Pre-diabetes and insulin resistance
  • Anemias, vitamin D, and hair loss
  • Managing diabetes and gestational diabetes
  • Heart health: high cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Vegan and vegetarian needs
  • Altered food textures and modified dysphagia diets

Fertility + Healthy Pregnancy + Post-Natal Care

How would you rate your health?

Are you a mom-to-be, hoping to become pregnant, or post-partum and not sure how to manage your nutrition needs?

Have you ever been diagnosed with low iron or anemia?

Are you not sure how to manage a family food allergy or sensitivity, or wondering how to reduce food allergy risk for your infant?

Have you been diagnosed with a metabolic/hormonal disorder like insulin resistance, high cholesterol, or PCOS and want to ensure a safe pregnancy?

What to Expect:

– Clear, collaborative goals for nutrition counseling
– A holistic approach that includes the latest science along with women’s health wisdom that goes back thousands of years

  • Fertility
  • Hormone imbalances
  • General healthy pregnancy and supplements
  • Gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia
  • Post-natal nutrition needs
  • Infant/ Early toddler nutrition needs