Spring Detox & Seasonal Reset

Transformation happens all around, and within us, when seasons change. The light shifts, temperatures rise or fall, and life moves through phases. Choosing to detox at this time is a sacred act. It requires us to focus our attention. A detox becomes more than just about food. It is also an opportunity to harness and demonstrate our innate power.

When aligned with this seasons, a detox can help us move gently into congruence with the changes occurring in the natural world.

After a long winter, the coming of spring is a time to shift our energy from one of grounding and storing up, to that of vitality and release. This occurs in reverse at the fall equinox. As the balance of night and day, death and life, cold and warm moves, a shift may be felt in the mind and body as well.

The mental shift may be practical or spiritual. Self expression may shift from internal work, thoughtful times, quieter efforts, and introspection, to visible acts, voicing of new ideas, increased creativity, and more outward engagement, like a seed sending out roots and tender green shoots, or a full plant releasing leaves and turning its energy to the roots for storage and protection.

We may feel pulled by an unknown force at the change of seasons. Something nameless stirring. We may notice that what served our needs over the last several months is no longer compelling nor satisfying. This can also influence our mindset and mood, if we are not open and prepared for change.

When entering colder times, our physiology changes. Hormone patterns urge survival, as in storing of more body fat, desire for longer periods of rest and sleep, and shortened stamina. Many who are in tune with their bodies will crave dense, heavy, and rich foods to match this phase of being. When entering warmer times, the body prefers to restore and renew. Our stamina swings up, and energetic body moves outward. Cravings for lighter, bitter, and cooling foods are natural, as these boost the body’s ability metabolize, shed any excess stored, and enhance energy during longer days.

A seasonal detox is one idea for a food-based wellness practice to use at the change of seasons. If you don’t already sense these subtle changes within, a detox could help strengthen that innate knowledge. The hope is that a seasonal detox becomes a tool that you can use to improve your physical and mental well being, and a practice that can serve to nurture your intuition.

More posts to follow on how to do a plant-based detox!

Is this the Right Time to Detox?

Trust your intuition on whether or not to use a detox. If the time isn’t right at the moment, any seasonal change will work. You may also be more compelled around the season of your birth, a time period that is imprinted with memories of hardship, or in preparation for a major life change that demands your greatest energy.

You decide what and when it is right for you.

Being open to making changes to your lifestyle and the way you eat is a great first step! Let the idea grow in you like a seed planted— it will not take root or sprout until the conditions are right. And that is simply the way it is supposed to happen!

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Natasha Eziquiel-Shriro, MS, RDN, CDN

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