Thoughts on Living Intentionally

Eating more plants, fresh and raw as well as cooked, is a simple first step in restoring and realigning our bodies. With or without an official detox. Yet there are many other practices that can be used to clear away toxins or give a boot to blocks—from creative blocks to digestive constipation— that we may be facing.

As I was writing about plant-based eating and designing the detox plan, I started to consider how a detox is a focused time of living more intentionally.

According to Buddhist teachings, setting an intention is not the same as making
goals for the future. While goals provide us with direction for our life,
intentions are a path to focus how you are being right now, in the present
moment. While life may be changing around you, your intentions are your guide to help you live with the flow of life.

Because a detox requires greater focus on your choices each day, regardless of what is going on in the hectic spaces you move through, it is also draws your attention to the present moment in a powerful way. Therefore following a detox is an intentional way of living could be a very useful practice to help you gain insight into yourself and help you to be the best version of you.

Practices to Align with a Detox

There are many other practices you can try before, along with, or after this detox to enhance your physical and soul energies, and decrease the toxicity of your lifestyle. Some ideas:

  • Start a daily gratitude journal or write morning pages (free write for 3 pages)
  • Complete a new art or craft project
  • Enjoy baths or soaks using detoxifying salts and herbs
  • Self massage with oils meant to fit your constitution
  • Loosen up with more deep-belly laughter
  • Initiate or enhance a regular yoga practice
  • Stretch for 5-10 minutes each morning and/or night
  • Spend more time in nature, or looking at nature in picture or video
  • Do more physical activity that gets you sweating, ideally for 20 mins each day
  • Get dirty with the earth, like raking over-winter debris or planting seeds
  • Use healing practices like aromatherapy, ear seeds, acupuncture, reiki, flower essence therapy
  • Try a daily meditative practice
  • Visit a sauna or steam room
  • Add a new mantra word or phrase to your current meditative practice
  • Try sound healing at a center, or use YouTube videos for a DIY sound bath
  • Work with an expert to incorporate a personalized regimen for herbs and supplements

What other intentional practices might improve your day to day lived experience?

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Natasha Eziquiel-Shriro, MS, RDN, CDN

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