Working one-on-one with a dietitian nutritionist is an excellent way to improve your health. There is an overwhelming amount of nutrition advice out there, which can be confusing and misleading. Plus, we are all unique individuals with different needs.

As a nutrition counselor, my goal is to help you discover your own skills and abilities, and guide your toward a life of improved health. One that will last. In working together. we will address what you eat, as well your overall lifestyle, patterns, and emotions and how these influence your health. I provide judgement-free support where it is needed most. Your personalized eating plan will be designed to fit your unique life and experiences. And I can be there to keep you accountable in achieving your health goals.

In our initial one-on-one session, I will come to better understand you and your nutrition concerns. From there, we will uncover the obstacles in your path to achieving wellness. My role is to help you develop realistic goals, and provide an evidence-based approach to getting there.

What to Expect

Initial Session

We discuss your medical history, diet history and food journal, current state of health, eating habits and lifestyle. From here, we outline your goals for nutrition therapy and you will receive a customized meal plan that will be perfect for your needs. Eating should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience!

The initial session provides a framework for understanding where you are, where you’d like to be, and what your road will look like.


Follow-Up Sessions

As we work together, follow-up sessions will be a chance to review your goals and progress toward reaching them. We will figure out what is working, what is falling short, and update your plan as needed. Coaching provides guidance and education as needed to help cultivate your optimal wellness.


Payment and Insurance

If you need medical nutrition therapy for certain chronic conditions, your medical insurance may cover nutrition counseling sessions. If insurance coverage is needed for the cost of nutrition counseling, please obtain a referral from your doctor and contact your insurance company to make certain that procedure codes 97082 & 97083 are a covered benefit. Obtain this authorization in writing in order to avoid being held responsible for charges.

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