Boosting Autumn Energy and Mood, 3 Ways

The change of seasons in New England is more than just a temperature shift. The days grow shorter, and with that, our body clock adjusts. We may find our sleep to be more restless or fitful, our skin drier than usual, and our bowel movements may become irregular. Our energy may be increased, even leading … Continue reading Boosting Autumn Energy and Mood, 3 Ways


Eat to Dream: Melatonin and Diet

Sleep and eating habits, if only we could separate the two. Many of my clients who complain of sleep issues, such as restless nights or working the night shift, have issues with blood sugar control or are overweight. Earlier this week, I wrote a post about our natural body clock and how this can influence … Continue reading Eat to Dream: Melatonin and Diet

Listen to your body clock

The body moves to the beat of a circadian rhythm. A circadian rhythm is a roughly 24-hour clock of physiological processes influenced by nature, like sunlight, darkness, and air temperature. Nature's cues are reinforced by our habits – sleep patterns, timing of meals, physical activity. Keeping these habits in tempo with nature cultivates wellness. Sleeping to waking, research shows … Continue reading Listen to your body clock