Three Edible Medicinals for Blood Sugar Control

The body regulates blood sugars using various hormones. Insulin, glucagon, GLP-1, amylin. Liver, pancreas, gut, brain. With so much involved, getting blood sugar levels back in balance is no small feat. But its worth the effort. Whether you suffer from weight gain, insulin resistance, high cholesterol, or diabetes, restoring blood sugar balance is key. TheContinue reading “Three Edible Medicinals for Blood Sugar Control”

Plant Medicine: Wild Yam for IBD

Wild yam is a beautiful New England plant that grows in moist woods, swamps, and ditches. For centuries, indigenous and early Americans have taken wild yam root as medicine. Wild yam root helps to defend and strengthen many systems of the body. Among its many uses, wild yam offers potent medicine for the digestive system.Continue reading “Plant Medicine: Wild Yam for IBD”

IBS + Four Herbal Remedies

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a widespread digestive disorder. It causes abdominal pain, discomfort, and irregular bowel movements. Having IBS is a frustrating mess, and its no wonder it is one of the more common reasons that folks visit the doctor. Symptoms of IBS IBS is a chronic condition. The symptoms may come and go,Continue reading “IBS + Four Herbal Remedies”